Asphalt Paving Is The Best Paving Surface In America

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Asphalt Paving Is The Best Paving Surface In America

17 September 2014
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Asphalt paving material lasts for a long time when placed on roads. The material, after many years, goes through replenishment and recycling processes without a hitch. It does so while minimizing its footprint on the environment. Noted for its quality of low energy usage in construction and production, asphalt paving also produces low emission of dangerous gases. All of those qualities decidedly make asphalt the best paving surface in the country.

Benefits of Asphalt Pavement

Industry experts with years of experience using asphalt pavement material assert that it takes very little time to construct and restore asphalt pavements. Once new or replenished asphalt surface is compacted and cooled, you can walk or drive on it, according to the experts. You get instant access to the pavement.

Reuse and Recycling of Old Asphalt Pavement

At a time when environmental issues are at a fever pitch and being argued about, and the public is in no mood to hear that the environment is still being further damaged by faulty products, people find it gratifying to learn that the asphalt industry is responsible for reclaiming about 65 million tons of its products by reusing them.

The industry is said to recycle approximately 99 percent of its reclaimed products. This achievement places asphalt paving first on the list of recycled materials in the United States. Interestingly enough, other routinely recycled materials are also recycled into asphalt pavements. Those materials include asphalt roofing shingles, glass and used tires.

Asphalt Reuses Old Concrete Material

Concrete pavements do have an end life even though that product is quite strong. To serve any useful purpose at that point, it has to be replaced or set to undergo an intensive breaking-up process. When the latter course of action is carried out, the replenished material is then used as a base for new asphalt roads.

The reuse of old concrete material in turn saves fuel that trucks would normally use in order to dispose of the old material. This is a win-win situation for the environment. You win on all ends of this recycle process since you receive a lasting new pavement. The new pavement also saves new material that would have been harvested to build new road bases.

Promoting Noise Reduction, Tire Safety and Rainwater Drainage

Do not forget the super quality of noise reduction that asphalt pavement affords. It is referred to as the quiet pavement, which is known to last for many decades. By all means be aware also that smooth asphalt paving gives your vehicle's tires the most effective contact on the pavement, which ultimately improves safety as you drive.

Even rainwater is touted as a beneficiary of asphalt since it drains through the pavement's surface. The pavement reduces the splashing effect that occurs when your vehicle drives through the rainwater.  

So, next time you need a road, parking lot, or driveway paved, contact a local asphalt paving company, like Asphalt Maintenance