Remove Those Fall Leaf Stains Off Your Driveway

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Remove Those Fall Leaf Stains Off Your Driveway

30 March 2016
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If you didn't sweep up all your leaves this past fall, some of those leaves may have left imprints on your driveway. Here is how you can remove those leaf stains from your driveway this spring. 

Sweep Your Driveway

The first thing you need to do is sweep your driveway and remove any remaining leaves and debris that is stuck to your driveway. If you didn't clean up the leaves at all last fall, you may even need to rake up the debris on your driveway. Put the waste into a compost pile or yard waste disposal bags. You don't want to leave the leaves lose; if you do not clean them up, you'll just end up with the same problem again. 

Wash Off Your Driveway

The second thing you need to do is wash off your driveway. You can use a hose with a sprayer attachment on the most intense setting to rise off your driveway. Or, you can use a pressure washer to clean off your driveway.

Rinsing off your driveway will help get rid of the residue left behind by the leaves that were sticking to your driveway.

Clean Your Driveway

The third thing you need to do is take some powdered laundry detergent and sprinkle it over all the leaf stains on your driveway. Let the laundry detergent soak into your driveway for a few minutes. 

After the laundry detergent has had a chance to soak in, use either a big scrub brush with a long handle or shop broom to scrub the detergent into your driveway. You'll need to scrub the areas where the stains are vigorously in order to remove them. You may need to apply additional soap and scrub the area more than once to lift up the stain. 

Rinse Again

Once you are done scrubbing the stain away, use your hose and sprayer attachment or pressure washer to rinse away the soap on your driveway. You'll want to thoroughly spray back and forth in order to remove all the soap, dirt and residue that you stirred up. Try to direct the water towards your storm drain or ditch. 

You can prevent future leaf stains from developing on your driveway by sweeping or raking away any leaves that fall on your driveway within a few days of them dropping. If you remove the leaves quickly; you will not have to deal with this issue again next spring. Contact a business, such as Branche Industries, for more information.