Why You Should Pay Close Attention to the Condition of Your Parking Lot

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Why You Should Pay Close Attention to the Condition of Your Parking Lot

1 April 2016
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Having a parking lot comes with a lot of responsibility. Too often, property owners let their parking lots fall into disrepair. However, a parking lot in disrepair can cost you far more than it would to keep it maintained.

A Shoddy Looking Parking Lot Repels Potential Business

Parking lots alert people to the type of place they're visiting. If it's pitted and in disrepair, they will assume the place they're about to visit is equally ill kept. Sometimes, it can keep people away altogether. It's possible you've had such reactions yourself as a customer. In this way, a parking lot in disrepair can cost you money. 

Whether you're the business owner, the property owner, or both, you should keep your parking lot in good shape. A clean, well-kept parking lot attracts people because they'll assume the business there is just as clean—and you shouldn't disabuse them of that notion!

Parking Lots in Bad Shape Create Liability

Damaged parking lots aren't just an eyesore; they're a source of liability. Cracked and broken asphalt creates various dangers like potholes. If someone trips or has a car accident on your property, the condition of your parking lot will definitely come into play in the course of an insurance claim.

You have a duty to make sure that your property is as safe as you can make it. If someone trips on uneven asphalt and gets hurt, they almost certainly will try to sue you.

The costs of maintaining your parking lot may pale in comparison to the cost of someone's medical bills. Your own insurance company won't appreciate paying out such damages, especially if it happens more than a time or two.

Keeping Your Parking Lot Maintained Is Wise

To avoid a loss of business or a lawsuit, you should keep your parking lot maintained. There are a few things you can do yourself.

Pay attention to all complaints—If someone complains about the parking lot, pay attention and deal with it as soon as possible.

Keep the parking lot clean—Make sure to keep the parking lot clean of debris. You should occasionally use a pressure washer on it. Also, look out for weeds growing close to it or out of it.

Besides that, you should call in a professional for other issues. For example, you should have a professional seal cracks and fill potholes. Even if your parking lot is already in good condition, you should have it professionally sealed every few years.

Sealcoating will increase the life of your parking lot by making it less susceptible to natural damage. Natural damage to asphalt can be caused by ice, rain, and oxidation. Sealing your parking lot will make sure that your efforts to keep it in good condition will last.

Contact a professional sealcoating contractor, like one from LSC Construction Services, Inc. They can inspect your parking lot and give you suggestions on how to keep it in good condition going forward.