Buy A Foreclosed House That Looks Awful On The Outside? Affordable Changes To Make Now

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Buy A Foreclosed House That Looks Awful On The Outside? Affordable Changes To Make Now

11 April 2016
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If you bought a foreclosed home and the exterior was poorly taken care of, there are a few things you can do at a low cost to change the curb appeal considerably. You don't have to do major renovations or spend a fortune to get a house that looks good on the outside. Here are a few things to consider when working with a tight budget.

Seal Coating

A faded and dingy asphalt driveway can make the entire property look bad, especially if it has a lot of marks from weathering and stains. Have an asphalt company, like Sealcoating America, come and sealcoat the top of the asphalt, so it then appears new, smooth and black. This will make the driveway look well cared for, and it's instantly going to uplift the curb appeal.

Shutter and Front Door Painting

If the house looks bland and worn, paint the shutters and door so they pop against the siding. If the house doesn't have shutters, consider adding them. You can get a can of exterior spray paint to do the door and shutters, or find new shutters at the local home improvement store. A bold navy blue or black will draw attention and look great.

Grass Treatment

You don't have to pay a landscaping company to get a green yard. Instead, buy some of the chemicals at a local nursery and apply a few applications to get greener grass quickly. Adding a sprinkler or using the hose to give thirsty grass a drink can also help until it gets to the shade that you want. You can also get weed treatment to use throughout the year as needed.


If the landscaping is barren or if the few plants that are there are dying, replacing the shrubs and adding lush bushes will make a dramatic affect. Adding bushes around the walkway and under the windows will help make the yard look full and healthy. Adding some trees that flower or some hanging plants for color is also appealing.

If you think the sidewalk needs to be replaced, you don't like the siding, you would like a porch, and there are other big changes you want to make but can't afford now, these subtle changes are going to be cheap and still give a great affect to revamp the exterior. You can add more or change different things as time goes on and your budget grows.