How To Beautify The Front Of Your House

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How To Beautify The Front Of Your House

13 April 2016
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Now that spring is here and summer is just a few weeks away, you are probably thinking of guests who may be coming from out of town or of entertaining that is ahead of you. If so, you are probably thinking of beautifying the front of your house. Even if you are not expecting company, it's just plain nice to arrive at a home that is attractive and welcoming. From paving to your front door, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and lovely. 

Paving - Do you have enough space in the front of your house to add a circular driveway? There is nothing quite as elegant as driving to a home with a driveway that curves in front of the house, especially if part of it has been paved with flagstone or bricks. A circular driveway isn't just pretty, though. It makes arriving and leaving your home very convenient. If you don't have enough space for a circular driveway, consider having a paved walkway from the sidewalk to the front of your house. Again, flagstone or brick would be beautiful. Another idea is to have faux painted concrete. If you select that, you can have the appearance of a marble walkway, brick, wood, Mexican tile or almost anything else you can imagine. 

Landscaping - As you design the landscape for the front of your home, consider having a large area that is only for plants of different types. The same paving contractor that does your circular driveway or your walkway will help you to come up with a design for your planting area. Once the planting area has been designated, divide it from the grass or the ground cover with decorative concrete borders. Plant ferns, succulents, vegetables, grasses, shrubs of different sizes and many types of flowering plants, including rose bushes. Enhance the planting area with large rocks and with statuary that complements the style of your house. A tiered water fountain would be a nice focal point for your planting area.

The Entryway - Does your home already have a front porch? If not, that would be a stunning addition. Choose the same kind of asphalt paving as you chose for your circular driveway or for your walkway. If you don't have the space for a large porch, just enhance the landing in front of your door, again, using the same treatment as you selected for your other paving. Paint your front door a bold color like turquoise or terra cotta red and clean up the hardware to make it look brand new.

Even though it's not Christmas yet, find a beautiful wreath to put on your front door. Take a picture of it so that you can have it made into Christmas cards to send friends and family members. They'll love seeing the work you've done to beautify your home.