Making Your Driveway A Design Asset

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Making Your Driveway A Design Asset

19 April 2016
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As far as home decorating goes, you probably do not even consider your driveway. You may think of it as a boring but necessary part of your property. You can enhance the look of your house if you decide to make your driveway a design asset in addition to being a practical necessity. A little work and a modest sum of money can turn your blah driveway into something special.

Driveway Island

With the help of your paving contractor, you can create a space in the middle of your driveway to use as a mini-garden. Think about mixing both perennials and annuals so that you have three seasons of blooming color. You can also add an interesting border with bricks or tile to highlight the garden and serve as a buffer to traffic.  If you do not want the maintenance involved with a mini-garden, you can fill the area with potted plants or other decorative elements, such as a fountain. You are really only limited by your imagination.


You can avoid the expense of replacing your old driveway by hiring someone to resurface it. The contractor simply adds a cement overlay before either stamping or staining it. You have nearly endless choices in design. Your concrete expert can make your driveway look as if it is brick, slate, or even tile. You can pick a color that enhances the exterior of your home, including shades of red and pink.


In addition to being necessary for safety, driveway lighting can add beauty to your property. Experts recommend not over-lighting your driveway, which can make your house look harsh and uninviting. Instead, place lights at important and potentially hazardous places such as by the entrance, trees, and the garage door. If your budget is limited, you can buy solar lights and install them yourself. Electrical lights are more expensive, but they will last longer and will generally look more sophisticated. You can even add piers or stands at the entryway where lanterns or other lighting options can highlight your home's address. Think of lights as yet another way to add design to your home instead of just being a practical choice.

Driveways do not have to be boring. Since it is what most people see when they approach your home, consider making your driveway an attractive introduction to the rest of your home and property. Sprucing up the driveway does not have to be prohibitively expensive, either. Some simple measures can beautify the entrance to your home. Click here for more information about asphalt and driveway design.