4 Money Saving Tips To Help Save Money When Paving Your Parking Facilities

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4 Money Saving Tips To Help Save Money When Paving Your Parking Facilities

11 June 2019
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Having adequate parking facilities for your business can help improve the image and brand of your business. It can also help you save money on maintenance and prevent problems with dirt parking or lack of parking for clients. The following tips will help your business save money when paving a new parking facility:

1. Improve the Watershed Around Your Business with Parking Lot Drainage Systems

It is important that you have good watershed drainage around buildings and landscaping. When you install a new parking facility for your business, this is a good opportunity to improve drainage by installing a storm drain system when the new pavements are installed. Talk with the paving contractor about installing a drainage system beneath parking pavement and in other areas around your business to prevent problems due to runoff.

2. Consider Modern Green Paving Solutions That Are More Environmentally Friendly

Today, there are many choices of modern, green paving materials that can help reduce the cost of your paving project. These materials are made from recycled materials and can cost less than conventional asphalt and concrete materials. In addition, green paving materials may also help your business earn tax credits and environmental certifications.

3. Seal Coat and Paint Parking Pavement for A More Durable and Attractive Parking Lot

Seal coatings are a great way to protect pavement materials like asphalt and concrete. Talk with the pavement contractor about sealing the materials and painting the parking lot once the paving is completed. An application of seal coat sealant will prevent erosion and problems with cracks that form during the cold winter months. The seal coating will help pavement last, but it will have to be reapplied when you have the parking lot repainted.

4. Routinely Maintain and Repair Pavement to Prevent Wear and Reduce Repair Costs

One of the best ways to prevent costly repairs is to routinely maintain your pavement. Contract a parking lot cleaning service to regularly clean facilities and prevent wear. In addition, do routine repairs and inspections to ensure pavements are in good shape, as well as apply new seal coatings and paint when needed.

These are some tips that will help your business save money when paving a new parking facility. If you need help with paving the way for your customers to park at your place of business, contact a commercial paving service and talk to them about design and improvements that can help your business save.

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