Reasons For Choosing Asphalt For Your Paved Driveway

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Reasons For Choosing Asphalt For Your Paved Driveway

6 August 2020
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Whether you are needing to pave your driveway or the parking lot for your business, it can be vital for you to be informed about the benefits that choosing asphalt for the paving project will offer.

Potentially Increase The Value Of The Property

When most individuals are undertaking property improvements, they will rightfully have a focus on improving the value of the property. This can be a benefit that asphalt provides as the rich color and durable nature of the asphalt make it an attractive option for many people that are looking to pave their driveways. To keep the color of the asphalt from starting to grey, you will want to add a protective sealant to it once it has fully cooled so that the sun's intense light will not be able to breakdown the pigments in the asphalt as this can be a major source of the color fading.

Enjoy A Lower Risk Of Thermal Cracking

Thermal cracking can be a major problem for concrete surfaces that are exposed to extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, these cracks can be extremely damaging to the concrete surface, and homeowners will have to invest in having it repaired once these cracks form. There is not much that can be done to prevent these issues as concrete is extremely rigid, which can give it little room to expand when it heats up. In contrast, asphalt is extremely resistant to thermal cracking due to the fact that it can expand and soften as it is exposed to extreme heat. This will avoid the formation of cracks so that you may enjoy lower repair costs.

Quicker Installation Process

The paving process can be disruptive for individuals who will need to drive their car regularly as they will be unable to park on the driveway until the pavement has fully cured. Concrete can have an extremely long curing process, which can prevent you from being able to use the driveway for several weeks without risking cracks. The longer curing process results from the need for the water that is deep in the interior of the concrete taking a long time to evaporate. Asphalt will have a far shorter curing time due to the fact that it will harden as it cools. This will allow you to use the asphalt driveway far more quickly. In most cases, the asphalt will be fully hardened within a day, but you may be able to use it in as little as a matter of hours.

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