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Understanding Paving Contractor Services

Hello, my name is Wendy Watterson. Welcome to my website about paving contractors. When I was a first-time homeowner, I was unsure about all of the different ways I could personalize my home. I knew that I did not like the layout of the driveway out front, but I did not know how to address the changes. Thankfully, I contacted a paving contractor who walked me through the renovation process from start to finish. I created this site to help other people gain the knowledge and confidence they need to approach paving renovation jobs. I want to help others personalize their home. Thanks for visiting my site.


Importance Of Asphalt And The Science Behind Asphalt

13 June 2017
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Asphalt is one of the most common used materials in the building of city roads, country roads, highways, freeways, and also parking lots. The material is created using a limestone aggregate and bitumen, which is a petroleum product. It is amazing how much engineering and science goes into making the asphalt as durable as possible. There is a great deal of research that goes into making the best roads. Replacing a asphalt road costs a great deal of money, and most of the time that money comes from taxpayers. Read More …

4 Essential Things to Know Before Expanding Your Driveway

9 January 2017
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Many homeowners are happy to simply have a driveway that they can use to park their cars off of the road, away from oncoming vehicles and pedestrians on foot. But what happens when you family expands and you need to acquire additional vehicles? The most basic solution is to expand your driveway, but there are a couple of factors worth noting before you make the leap. 1. Expanding Your Driveway Versus Replacing It Read More …

How To Choose A Material For Your Driveway

28 November 2016
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When contracting for a new driveway, you have a major decision to make when it comes to the material. Most residential driveways are made from either concrete or asphalt. Both materials provide a durable and long lasting surface, which can make it hard to make a final decision. The following guide can help. Cost When it comes to installation cost, asphalt is typically much less expensive than concrete. This isn't the only cost to consider, though. Read More …

Sustainable Driveways: Permeability Is The Key

12 September 2016
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If you are concerned about the sustainability of your home, there are a seemingly endless number of modifications that you can make to your home that will make it better for the environment, including modifications to your driveway. Older methods, such as concrete or asphalt, may not be the best option. These options do not allow for water to pass through. Instead, it is better to look for more permeable options. Read More …

How To Repair Potholes In An Asphalt Driveway

29 July 2016
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There are a number of ways that potholes can form in asphalt. For example, if you spill gasoline, oil, or some other petroleum product on your driveway, it can eat away at the tar that holds the pebbles in your driveway together. Once this tar is compromised, the pebbles separate, and a pothole is born. While you can prevent potholes from forming by taking precautions not to spill petroleum products on your driveway, you also need to be prepared to deal with potholes when they form. Read More …