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Hello, my name is Wendy Watterson. Welcome to my website about paving contractors. When I was a first-time homeowner, I was unsure about all of the different ways I could personalize my home. I knew that I did not like the layout of the driveway out front, but I did not know how to address the changes. Thankfully, I contacted a paving contractor who walked me through the renovation process from start to finish. I created this site to help other people gain the knowledge and confidence they need to approach paving renovation jobs. I want to help others personalize their home. Thanks for visiting my site.


Buy A Foreclosed House That Looks Awful On The Outside? Affordable Changes To Make Now

11 April 2016
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If you bought a foreclosed home and the exterior was poorly taken care of, there are a few things you can do at a low cost to change the curb appeal considerably. You don't have to do major renovations or spend a fortune to get a house that looks good on the outside. Here are a few things to consider when working with a tight budget. Seal Coating A faded and dingy asphalt driveway can make the entire property look bad, especially if it has a lot of marks from weathering and stains. Read More …

Three Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Get Those Tree Roots Away From Your Driveway

8 April 2016
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If you're a homeowner who has trees growing near your driveway -- and those trees have turned out to have big, lumpy roots that are starting to tear up the edge of your driveway -- you have to get the tree moved and the driveway patched or repaved. If you don't, the roots and torn driveway will have effects that could make your life a lot more difficult over time. Here are three things that can happen if you don't get this situation straightened out. Read More …

Why You Should Pay Close Attention to the Condition of Your Parking Lot

1 April 2016
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Having a parking lot comes with a lot of responsibility. Too often, property owners let their parking lots fall into disrepair. However, a parking lot in disrepair can cost you far more than it would to keep it maintained. A Shoddy Looking Parking Lot Repels Potential Business Parking lots alert people to the type of place they're visiting. If it's pitted and in disrepair, they will assume the place they're about to visit is equally ill kept. Read More …

Remove Those Fall Leaf Stains Off Your Driveway

30 March 2016
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If you didn't sweep up all your leaves this past fall, some of those leaves may have left imprints on your driveway. Here is how you can remove those leaf stains from your driveway this spring.  Sweep Your Driveway The first thing you need to do is sweep your driveway and remove any remaining leaves and debris that is stuck to your driveway. If you didn't clean up the leaves at all last fall, you may even need to rake up the debris on your driveway. Read More …

Crack Sealing vs. Crack Filling: Which Works Best?

13 July 2015
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Just as death and taxes are inevitable events for human beings, cracks are an inevitable part of owning an asphalt parking lot. Cracks in the pavement will form as the years pass, whether by way of weather-related erosion or constant use by heavy vehicles. The only question is how to prevent them from spreading without completely removing and repaving the asphalt. Benefits and Drawbacks of Crack Filling Crack filling involves injecting a hot or cold asphalt-like material into a section of the crack that's neither expanding nor contracting (also known as a " Read More …